Quilmes National University


Leticia Higa

Leticia obtained her Degree in Biotechnology from National University of Quilmes in 2003. Since 2012, she has worked as Chemistry Assistant Professor. At the same time, she completed her PhD in the Nanomedicine Research Program. Her research project involved the development of ultradeformable archaesomes as topical adjuvant. She was awarded research scholarship from CONICET for her PhD and posdoctoral studies. Her postdoctoral research was focused on solid and nanostructured archaeolipid nanoparticles for active targeting to macrophages of the inflamed mucosa. She is member of the Argentine Association of Nanomedicines since 2015. Besides she formed part of Institutional Animal care and Use committee (2015-2016). Since July 2014 she is an assistant researcher at NaRDC. She is currently working in several projects using archaeolipid as safe material in nanomedicines for drug delivery, therapy, and diagnostics.

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