Quilmes National University

The multieffector nanovesicles (MUNA) are archaeosomes (vesicles fully made of archaeolipids) loaded with imiquimod, a synthetic agent with immune response modifying activity. As an immune response modifier, imiquimod stimulates cytokine production, especially interferon production, and exhibits antitumor activity, particularly against cutaneous cancers.

MUNA combine SRA ligands in nanovesicles bilayer, with soluble imiquimod within the aqueous inner space.

Therapeutic nanovaccination: Minute amounts of subcutaneously injected MUNA elicit a profound immune response on infected mice that eradicates the intracellular parasite Trypanosoma cruzi. Subcutaneous doses of MUNA are currently being explored as potent anti-chagasic agent, as a treatment alternative to the classical toxic and poorly effective benznidazole.

Prophylaxis: aqueous suspensions of MUNA display lower viscosity, longer stability and substantially lower toxicity than w:o suspensions Montanide ISA. Subcutaneous doses of MUNA are currently being explored as nano-adjuvants in prophylactic vaccination against muco-cutaneous leishmaniasis (Dr Diego Cargneleutti Mendoza) and Chaga´s disease (Dra Patricia Petray UBA).