Quilmes National University


Priscila Schilrreff

Priscila Schilrreff obtained her BSc in Biotechnology, with distinction (2007) and received a PhD in the field of Nanomedicine (2013) at the National University of Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is currently assistant professor and assistant researcher of CONICET at NaRDC. She is part of the directive committee (account reviewer) of the Argentine Association of Nanomedicines. Her doctoral research project was focused on the design of core-shell tecto-dendrimers and her post-doctoral research was based on the development of ultradeformable vesicles for topical administration of leishmanicidal drugs. During her post-doctoral research, DAAD-ALEARG and Freie Universität Berlin awarded her with a four-month fellowship for a post-doctoral training on reconstructed human skin models at FU, Germany.

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