Quilmes National University


Super-stable nanovesicles for oral delivery of superoxide dismutase.

July 2017

pH-sensitive archaeosomes.

February 2017

Tecto-dendrimers, new nano-polymers: interaction with macrophages and erythrocytes.

October 2016

Physicochemical characterization and interaction with in vitro cells nanohybrids: ZnO nanorods - ultradeformable nanovesicles.

June 2016

Solid lipid nanoparticles decorated with lipids of Halorubrum tebenquichense as drug delivery system of anti-inflammatory agents to the gastrointestinal mucosa.

March 2016

Ultradeformable liposomes containing Zn oxide nanoparticles, therapeutic platform against skin diseases.

July 2015

Uptake and intracellular traffic of archaeosomes in intestinal cells.

Marzo 2015 / March 2015

Topical delivery of Amphotericin B in ultradeformable vesicles.

Diciembre 2012 / December 2012

Intracellular traffic of dendriplexes. .

Julio 2011 / July 2011

Archaeosomes: structural stability and interaction with simmil M cells.

Julio 2007 / July 2007

Biodistribution and pharmacokinetics of sulfadiazine loaded dendrimers.

Noviembre 2007 / November 2007

Synthesis and incorporation of photodynamic agents in ultradeformable liposomes. .

Diciembre 2005 / December 2005

Design and intracellular following by fluorescence of an early scape from phago-lisosomal system. .

Septiembre 2003 / September 2003

Liposomal and free benznidazole: interaction with plasma and distribution in plasmatic proteins. .

Noviembre 2003 / November 2003